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Are you thinking of building a modern duplex or triplex on your property, but want the freedom to add custom features?

At Buildmark, we are custom triplex and duplex builders Sydney residents have trusted for over 40 years.

Our speciality is in transforming older buildings or vacant land into custom, architecturally designed modern homes that can maximise the value of your land.

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Custom Duplex Designs

Our custom duplex construction designs cater to your needs and lifestyle, as a family or as an investor.

We have an in-house team of experts who can offer a custom, turnkey solution at affordable prices, with quality guaranteed every step of the way. You will work closely with our team, from the design stage until the construction is completed.

Collaboration and communication run in our DNA.

We have a wide range of custom duplex and triplex design options, from colours, layouts, external facades, and more. We can customise any features that are important to you, and we’ll bring your dream to life.

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Examples of specifications we have helped other Sydney residents create include:

  • 40+ years experience
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Custom home specialists
  • Turnkey home, with style
  • Honesty & transparency
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Personalised experience

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What is a Duplex or Triplex?

Duplex and triplex designs are becoming popular for Sydney homeowners and investors alike. This is because they are made up of two, or three, independent homes that are on the same block.

Often, these homes will share a wall in the middle and are an affordable way to maximise the value of your land.

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Benefits of Duplex Designs

  1. Great investment choice for high demand living areas in Sydney
  2. Use your land to live on, as well as being an investment
  3. High growth and high-yield investments from existing land
  4. Reduce the need to subdivide your land
  5. Diversify income streams and reduce risk
  6. Lower building costs, taxes, council rates, and other ongoing expenses
  7. Safe introduction to investing, even for pensioners and families
  8. Live close to relatives while retaining a level of privacy
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As a Family, Is It Worth Building a Duplex?

The families and investors we work with have all found great value when choosing to build a duplex! Not only are duplexes just as affordable, or sometimes more so, than single homes, you also have the option to live in one and rent out the other. Or you can rent out both and diversify your revenue streams.

Duplexes are a versatile option for families of all stages. Large families, small families and families who have grown out of living in one house, have all benefitted in different ways from building a duplex.

Seniors who have outgrown the use of family home often choose to live in one half and rent out the other, to earn some extra income. Growing families enjoy the privacy, independence, and convenience of being able to enjoy the benefits of a 3, 4 or 5 bedroom home, while also earning additional income.

Intergenerational families living together enjoy the convenience of sharing a block while maintaining their privacy.

Duplex + Triplex Investment Properties

Since the moment Australian property prices skyrocketed, duplexes and triplexes have been a common solution for dealing with housing affordability across Sydney.

The return on investment of multiple occupancy dwellings is not only quite generous, but it also offers greater flexibility than owning an individual property.

You can rent or even sell out individual sections while living in another. You could also rent out all sections independently. Income diversity protects you from potential losses with each investment.

The equity gains on duplexes and triplexes are also much higher than individual properties for similar reasons.

Ready to Build a Duplex in Sydney?

No matter whether you’re thinking of building a duplex as an investment or as a comfortable solution for your family, we can help.

No matter whether you’re thinking of building a duplex as an investment or as a comfortable solution for your family, we can help.

Our expert custom duplex home builders in Sydney have years of experience managing the complex process of making these buildings a reality. With Buildmark on your side, you can rest assured that you’ll have a duplex in Sydney which will stand the test of time, adds value to your existing property, and is built to your exact specifications.

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