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Let’s bust the biggest myth that custom built homes are beyond your budget. Truth is, they’re more affordable than you think. With Buildmark by your side, you can enjoy a custom home in Sydney at a comparable, affordable price to a project home.

That’s right, a similar price, but with all the custom benefits added.

Many other builders are known to tag hidden expenses for custom changes to the final bill. Why not work with a trusted custom home builder Sydney instead?

You can ask for as many unique features as you like, with no compromises or hidden fees. You’re guaranteed a personalised experience throughout and you get to work directly with the designers, architects, and builders who will be working on your project.

The Buildmark Difference

  • 40+ years experience

  • End-to-end solutions

  • Guaranteed quality

  • Custom home specialists

  • Turnkey home, with style

  • Honesty & transparency

  • No hidden costs or fees

  • Personalised experience

Sound good? If so, let’s start a conversation about how we can bring your dream home to life today!
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6 Reasons to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Whether it’s a new home, a renovation, or a knock down and rebuild, we believe custom is the best way to go! Here are the top reasons to consider a custom home builder for your project. We promise you’ll never look back or regret it.

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Say Goodbye to One Size Fits All

Many large building companies in Sydney churn out one-size-fits-all homes with little attention to the features that matter to you most.

Your needs and lifestyle preferences are a huge factor, and should be taken into account when working with your builder to create the ultimate home for you.

The other risk with a one-size-fits-all approach is that corners are often cut and the quality of custom constructions are compromised. Every block is unique. Corners, sloping blocks and other uniquely shaped blocks of land all require different design considerations that a pre-designed home will likely not be able to meet.

As specialist custom home builders, you can rest assured that we won’t cut corners when designing and building your home.

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A Custom Home Built Exclusively Around Your Needs

At Buildmark, we create contemporary homes with thoughtful design and meticulous construction. You will be involved in every stage of the design and build. Plus, your voice will not only be heard, but it will be the guiding force behind our process.

Your vision plus our experience will yield the ultimate custom home, designed for your unique needs and lifestyle.

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Boutique, Personal Experience + Total Control

All too often, we hear of building companies that treat their clients like a number. They churn out homes as fast as they can so that they make more profit.

We also hear from customers about how they found it difficult to communicate with their builder, or that they were kept in the dark throughout most of the building process.

Working with boutique home builders, such as Buildmark, means you are in total control. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the people who are bringing your dream home to life.

We don’t use sub-contractors for the design or construction, which means that what you say is noted and doesn’t get misinterpreted down the line. We pride ourselves on prioritising the families we work with, over our bottom line.

That’s why we only take on a limited number of projects each year; hence, we can devote our entire attention to where it matters!

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Upfront Transparency & Honesty

At Buildmark, we’re known for our honesty and transparency. From the moment we start a conversation about how our dream home builders can turn your ideas into reality, we are straight up and honest about the entire process involved.

We also have clear pricing and don’t add hidden expenses to the final bill. Also, if you’re ever wondering what stage the construction is up to, you will be able to reach out to our team, certain that you’ll speak to someone who is directly involved with your project and knows what’s going on.

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Guaranteed Quality by In-House Talent

At Buildmark, unlike some other companies, we don’t cut corners by sub-contracting our projects to cheap builders with questionable practices.

We have in-house talent, driving forward all projects. Our team includes designers, architects, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, form workers, plumbers, and more.

A custom home built by us also comes with a 7-year structural guarantee and includes a free upgrade for top of the range appliances. We have over 40 years combined experience and 250 homes under our belt.

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No Compromises, Turnkey Dream House Coming Right Up

An often overlooked benefit of working with a custom home builder is that, for a comparable price, you don’t have to make big compromises.

You can have your dream home as you envision it, for a similar price to what project builders charge. Not only that, as specialist Sydney custom home builders, we can often arrange appliance upgrades at no extra cost, yet adding an extra level of quality and luxury to your home.

Imagine the difference between a one-size-fits-all home and a custom-designed home with top-of-the-range European appliances, tiles, stone and bathroom accessories added, for the same price as standard appliances.

Affordable custom homes in Sydney have never looked this good!

Let’s have a chat if you would like to work with a locally trusted Sydney custom home builder today!
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